What Makes Us Beat

Our group's goal is to know the cellular composition of the heart during disease and across lifespan. We will apply such information to elucidating the causes and consequences of cardiac health and disease. In all such endeavors, the laboratory invokes a multidisciplinary approach to answer important questions in a variety of in vivo and in vitro models supported by our Center. Our group is also dedicated to providing a fertile environment for trainees to gain the necessary experience and guidance to become independent investigators.

Who We Are

We are a collaborative group of experienced staff members and energetic trainees. Go here to explore our team.

What We Do

We have a long history of NIH and AHA funding to support our work. We engage a host of modern techniques to uncover the mysteries of the cardiovascular system. Go here to see our areas of interest.


For a complete list, please visit my Publications Page.



Steven P Jones, PhD, FAHA

Professor; Director, Center for Cardiometabolic Science

Center for Cardiometabolic Science

University of Louisville


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